About Beth Kelly-Peelle

A professional guidance counselor who consults with New York City private high schools, Beth Kelly-Peelle started her career in counseling services in 1986 in the guidance department of the New York City Public School System. After more than a decade of service, Beth Kelly-Peelle transitioned in 1999 to the City University of New York. As manager of the university’s counseling services until 2013, she assisted students with life and career choices. Through her experiences working with students, she developed an interest in the effects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on high school performance. She plans to share her expertise through a non-fiction book on the subject.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Elizabeth Kelly-Peelle has a passion for wine making. She has traveled the Bordeaux vineyards of France studying the grapes and the processes with anticipation of one day owning her own small vineyard in the region. In addition to extensive travels across France, she has visited numerous countries that include Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia and enjoys preparing a variety of cuisines.


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